About your day

Planning your special day can be daunting, or perhaps you have it all planned out and know exactly how you want it to go! Whether you are planning a simple wedding or a grand event, when it comes to the ceremony, the possibilities are endless.

You may have traditional or cultural elements that you want to be included in your ceremony, or you may want your vows to simply reflect your love for each other and your desire to forever be together.

As an officiant, my duties are as follows:

● To record your wedding in the Government of Ontario’s Marriage Register

● Complete and file your marriage documents to the Office of the Registrar

● Preside over your wedding ceremony in the presence of two witnesses of sound mind, whereby each of you shall declare your desire to be married (Intent and Consent)

● Pronounce you to be married by the virtue vested in me by the Ontario Marriage Act

Make your day your own

As your officiant, I can help you to plan your ceremony and tell your story. Every couple’s journey to get to where you are today is unique.

Spending time with you and your partner over one or two visits/phone calls helps me to learn about the two of you and the road you have travelled together that has lead you to this significant day. Often, this insight helps me to craft the framework for the ceremony; capturing and sharing your dreams for the road ahead.

Your wedding ceremony can and should be anything and everything you want it to be.

A traditional wedding march may be what you want to hear as your partner makes their way down the aisle, or perhaps you want to mix it up and dance to a favourite tune into the waiting arms of your spouse-to-be. You may want an uncomplicated ceremony, sharing your own vows, or you might want to consider readings or poetry performed by your most cherished supporter, or a loved one singing a special song.

Most importantly, and regardless of all else, I guarantee you will be married at the end of it!